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Running Your Own Small Business From a Virtual Office

I read an article recently about how it’s becoming increasingly common for employers to interview job candidates in public places like Starbucks, instead of at their offices as has traditionally been done. Apparently employers feel it lets them see an ‘unscripted’ side of those they are considering hiring and gives them what they feel is a better idea of how those candidates will interact casually with other team members. As a freelance copywriter, I have held a number of “interviews” (a.k.a. client meetings) at several of local Starbucks locations and I’ll vouch for them being used as a virtual office of sorts. Not having an office of my own to work out of keeps costs down and allows me to get out into the community a bit more. That article got me thinking about how to organize a small business when you’re just starting and specifically, how to make your business real to your customers when you run your business out of your home. I’ll offer a few tips here that Mr. Frugal Rules and I have found to be helpful in building positive relationships with our clients and to keep the virtual office environment somewhat sane in our hectic, busy home.  … More here


Set up a great home office

Set up a great home office