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DSC_0051Crowne Office Suites uses a company called Liquid Space when we need space by the hour or day across the United States. Though we are not affiliated with them directly, we have loved the ease of use and love to share our tips and tricks with customers (and the world!). A Liquid Space account is FREE to set up- and you get to pick the city and location where you wish to book time.  Liquid Space says “Book last minute or plan ahead. Browse, reserve, and check in to space immediately at hip coworking venues, high-end business centers, or handy hotel lobbies or libraries. With LiquidSpace, choose a better space for what you need to do now…Whether you need a workspace down the hall or a conference room off site, LiquidSpace puts a world of options at your fingertips. With LiquidSpace you can:            

  • Select where, when, and how you want to work. We know that some days all you need is wireless and an outlet, and some days you need a professional boardroom.
  • Get instant confirmation when you book from the web platform or your mobile device”.

With over 600 locations Stateside and International location coming soon your office rental options just grew exponentially!

We are listed on Liquid Space to offer the same convenience to users across the country but ask that our current customers do NOT book time at Crowne Office Suites using the site as the site will charge you (and if you have included hours with us they have no way of reflecting that credit). That being said I bet ALL of our current customers would LOVE the ease of booking their meeting room and or day office time online. Good news- check back to our blog to find out when and how we are making that happen to save you time and make your busy lives easier!

Sometimes at work it feels like all we do is go to meetings. Meetings to fix problems, to plan things, sometimes we meet to plan meetings! All these meetings are designed to increase productivity and revenue, but unfortunately sometimes people feel like the meetings are taking away from actually doing their job. Everyone wants to achieve a great work/life balance and great meetings are a good start.

Here are a few tips to make sure meetings are efficient and productive for everyone:

  1. 1) Start and end on time. Make sure everyone is aware that they need to be ready for the meeting to START at the assigned start time.


2) Set an agenda and stick to it. Go the extra mile by having the agenda sent out to all participants so they know what to expect.


3)Organize the physical environment so people are attentive to the meeting content. No one should sit behind or to the side of your speakers. Make sure there are seats for all attendees, and if taking notes is required, a surface to write on, too. Make sure visuals are visible and that people can hear. You may need to use a microphone. You can pass props or samples around the room for viewing.


4) Never underestimate the power of food… Food relaxes the atmosphere, helps make people feel comfortable, helps people sustain positive energy levels and builds the camaraderie of the team. Ensure you meet the diverse needs of your group with the food you serve. As an example, offer fruit and yoghurt in addition to donuts. Offer vegetarian and kosher hot dogs with the regular franks.” ~Susan M. Heathfield. Coffee/Water/Tea are always included in meeting space rental at Offices @ 1100 Peachtree!


5)Have a separate note-taker. Assign someone in the meeting to take notes and record the outcomes of the meeting. This will free up the… chairperson to actually run the meeting and keep things moving. Then the note-taker should send out… minutes or notes shortly after the meeting summarizing the meeting’s outcomes.”  ~Wayne Parker


6) Make sure your meeting is in a great location. With 8 locations in the Atlanta are Crowne Office Suites has you covered with easy to access locations near great amenities!

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