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Holiday Parties and More


1479038_544570352300951_1879085779_nEvery year there are more holiday parties than nights to party on it seems. This week Crowne Office Suites hosted parties at our locations to let customers know that we appreciate them, and admire how their businesses have grown over the past year. Thank you to everyone who came out, helped us eat all the goodies, and a heartfelt congratulations to the winners of our drawings!

The Holiday Season in Atlanta is especially delightful because of all the great things Atlanta offers. The Botanical Gardens is lit up and offering delicious hot coco, spiked or not ;). If you fancy a bit of ice skating your choices seem to grow every year. I remember the rink by the original World of Coke way back when I was in…school (not telling you what kind of school because then you would know how old this blogger is). Now you can ice skate at Atlantic Station, the St. Regis, Centennial Olympic Park, and Park Tavern.


Whether you have a custom Virtual Plan with us, or join us in the office every day we wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

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