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What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Offices are an Excellent Solution for all Types of Businesses

  • Working From Home?
  • Starting your own business and need to save cash?
  • Do you want to test the waters of the business before you sign a lease for office space or get a mortgage for a building?
  • Does your business lend itself well to operating at home or in Shared Office Space?
  • Are your employees willing to work from their homes and just need a meeting space to collaborate?

Shared Office PlansIf you run a small business from home, are often on the road for business, or are trying to start up a business, you know that sometimes it’s necessary to have commercial office space for conferences, meetings or important calls. Renting commercial office space in Atlanta is expensive to get started and maintain. Crowne gives you virtual office solutions with an Atlanta address. We provide you with phone answering and call forwarding services from live receptionists, meeting rooms, conference rooms and all of the amenities of a full office – without the expense or hassle of running an office full time.

If you don’t need a full time office but don’t want to compromise of your productivity, then a virtual office is for you. With a virtual office, you get a professional address, dedicated local phone number with receptionist services and flexible use of an office when you need it.

Virtual office solutions from Crowne provides professional and reliable shared office space and services to small businesses, home offices and traveling business people, as well as large companies looking to test in the Atlanta market.

With Crowne, you have an Atlanta office where you can meet clients. We have private offices and suites available when you’re ready to move out of your home office into something more permanent. When you’re in meetings, you’ll never again miss important phone calls, since a live receptionist will handle all call answering. Callers will never again get frustrated with getting voice mail and not a live person.

Virtual office space in Atlanta is a cost effective way to ensure that your company always projects the professional image you deserve. By using shared office space, you are keeping your costs down and working Green

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Check out Crowne Office Suites office plans. It’s a great service for home-based businesses looking to expand and create a professional presence”

~Lita B.